Fanfára Hranice 2018

Fanfára Hranice 2018


Kra’s festival of sound, music and movement in open air
May 26-27th 2018 in Hranice u Malče
Please scroll down for the documentation: sound and vision!


Saturday 26th May 2018

14:00 Leškovanka
15:30 Vykořisťovatelé Family Marching Band
16:00 The Funeral Marching Band in the following line-up:
Miroslav Tóth (saxophones) with Tijana Stankovic (violin, vocal), Jirka Jirucha (trombone), Tomáš Mika (banjo), Ádam Móser (accordeon), and Gergely Kovács (drums)

17:00 Slavo K and his mythical mega-phones
18:00 An evening filling program with improvisations, movements, films, dances, special concerts by local and international guests, including a version of Skupina’s last year’s recordings in the cowshed!

Afternoon music workshops for children, youngsters, adults, and elderly
Refreshments and drinks for everyone
Entrance voluntary

Sunday 27th May 2018

15:00 The Sonic Sunday Walk. Meeting place @ Hranice 6, Kravín. For latecomers: you can join us in Maleč at 15:30 on the square (with the cross and statues).
After a short walk from Hranice to Maleč centre we walk up the hill for a dancing, drumming,  and singing soirée at the old chapel/Kaplička, starting around 16:00. With Hanka Nováková and Bára Polívková.

With the support of the International Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.