Summer of the Krá 2016

Summer of the Krá 2016

Summer of the Krá!

Every summer KRA is organizing a DIY summer festival in kravín, Hranice. Creative people, interested in ecology gather to work together at performances, installations, concerts, of any kind. The idea is to develop energy clean and non-intrusive art forms, of an experimental nature, and relate it critically to the state of media we are all part of today. There is a basic infrastructure for camping and making food together as part of the event. Kravín can accomodate 20 cows in case of bad weather. 

July 11-17, 2016:  Oh! Roura! Au Roara, or: THE SOUND OF THE VILLAGE

A Mini Countryside Sound and Performance Festival with special guests:

  • Jonáš Gruska (SK)
  • Barbora Námerová (SK)
  • Teoniki Rożinek (PL)
  • Martin Janíček (CZ)

This year’s theme for summer will explore resonances, frequencies, and rural settings. Our guests are field recordists and electronic musicians, composers, dramaturgists and performers. All activities are outdoors, and address interested children, adults, youngsters and older people. Come and experience the sound of a village in summer. An unforgettable and unfamiliar experience!


Artists at work

During the week 12-14th July, every afternoon at 5pm there is a public roundup of the day, in which the artists discuss old and new ideas, what they are working on, how it is advancing/failing. Feel invited to come and say hello to the artists.

Weekend Public Program

• Friday 15th July 8 pm: While the day is fading, a special concert on the theme Sound of the Village
Over the previous months, our resident for 2016, Jonáš Gruska made special field recordings in the neighbourhood of Hranice. He will make a special listening set, and perform some additional pieces. Afterwards there is informal talks with the artist.

• Saturday 16th July 3 – 5 pm: Workshop for kids 8 – 80 years old (sound-environmental)
VLF- Very Low Frequencies! A workshop on how to listen to frequencies of storms, telephones, water, and wind. You will learn how to listen to unhearable sounds, record them and turn them into an instrument. Here are some devices which can be used…

• Saturday 16th July 8 pm: Live outdoors Concerts and performances by Jonáš Gruska and the afternoon workshop members, with additional interventions/inventions by Barbora Namerova, Martin Janíček, and Teoniki Rożinek

• Sunday 17th July 3 – 5 pm, everyone invited (better than visiting family):
Walk yourself a new path between Hranice and Zastrání.

All activities are for free.


 The KRA way

During the week we cook together. There will be a delicious EkoSaladBar composed by Lucka Pelouchová (Zastráň) throughout the weekend.  Breakfast and coffee on Saturday and Sunday morning, and every evening a pop-up social country bar, with local bits and bites, discussions and performances. In between there will be unanounced presentations, performances, installations and interventions. Beware!

We also advise you to register. Remember out here, resources are limited and civilization is far away. Send us an email, that is enough, or introduce yourself and if you think of participating in the Summer of the Krá 2016, tell us how and when. And if you are coming from far away, inform us about your coming and leaving, or your travelling schedule:

Some additional background information

This year’s Summer of the Krá is concentrating on resonant objects in the countryside. From field recording to non-intrusive interventions alongside the environment. The object of desire is an old train wagon tank, an industrial artifact from 1943 made originally in Aachen (D), and probably after the war left behind. The former state farm used it for storing molasses in, for feeding the bulls and cows. There is still about half a meter of black drab in the tank, molasses being a by-product of the refining of sugar beets into sugar, now feeding the ants in summer. How many years will it take till the ants consume it all? Au Rora, oh! Roura!

In The summer of the Krá 2015, the French artist Dom Leroy was making an extensive series of investigations into the possibilities of using the Nádrž’s eigen-resonances, and will be installing additional technologies for playing with the heavy iron objects, as if it were a convenient instrument, internet-connected. For a report on that see here

Expect participative performances and installations, enchanting concerts and presentations, workshops for youngsters about recording and exciting resonances, and how to play with them on small computers and devices (androids and raspberry pi’s), including resonating discovery walks.

With participating artists from Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, … all interested in using the location as an inspiration for making sustainable creative work in the countryside. The rest of the program will be announced as it is coming along. Long live slow art!


tube: trubice, trubka, trouba, roura
tank: nádrž, tank, cisterna, bomba, vodojem, obsah
reservoir: nádrž, přehrada, rezervoár, nádržka, zásobárna
basin: povidí, pánev, mísa, nádrž, umývadlo, bazén
roaring: řvoucí, rámusící, bouřlivý

– making or uttering a loud, deep, or harsh prolonged sound.
– obviously or unequivocally the thing mentioned (used for emphasis).
– (of a lion or other large wild animal) utter a full, deep, prolonged cry.
– (especially of a vehicle) move at high speed making a loud prolonged sound.