KRA’s Music Hacker’s Workshop: Low Voltage Sound (4 sessions)

KRA’s Music Hacker’s Workshop: Low Voltage Sound (4 sessions)

KRA announcement for Workshops

The Music Hacker’s Workshop: A monthly Maker meeting at Zastavka194

Part 1 – Low Voltage Sound (4 sessions, dates see below)

… is a workshop in which we are exploring the musical possibilities of the cheap and small computer board Raspberry Pi. We are starting from 0 and continue till you can play music on it. Then we extend it with sensors for interaction, transmit/stream your sounds live from the instrument to internet, for the whole world to hear. Finally we go for a walk and play together on the square outside, like a real band.

Bring your Raspberry pi, buy/order or borrow one.
Your hosts are Vitězlav Homolka & Gívan Belá.

For youngsters between 12 and 120 years old.
Basic understanding of English is an advantage but not a must.
No previous knowledge required, except about the world today.

  • 18 February 2017: raspberry pi installation party, explanation of the main components, making it work like a real computer
  • 18 March 2017: simple programming with sonic pi,  pure data, etc… making your first sounds with it
  • 22 April 2017: using basic sensors for interaction, and using it for making music with
  • 20 May 2017: finishing the instrument, making a piece together, streaming it online, and then we take a long sonic walk!

Location: Zastavka194
Time: 14-17h
Free participation, but you have to register in advance.
Registration: let us know you are coming, whether you have a Raspberry Pi, and what you want to do with it
So: just mail it all to the hinterland.